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RE: Work on tasksel's language tasks

Hi Christian,

> I'm opened to any suggestion of things to add to language 
> tasks. I already have a few ideas:
> -suggest to add ttf-dejavu in the desktop task. Actually, 
> this very  good font is the basis of the graphical installer 
> as it is suitable  for many languages

While we're on the subject, I'd like to point out an interesting
Discussion [1] which took place on the dejavu mailing list; what's
Interesting in particular, are the fontconfig patches included by
Nicolas Mailhot
And Jay Hobson (Fedora team) which should make It possible to fine
tuning the fonts
On an installed system.
It should be possible to decide which font should use and/or should not
A particular language.

While this may seem OT on this thread (I hope not too much), I think it
might be
Useful especially for languages where the default font installed by the
does not cover as many languages as Dejavu or freefont.



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