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Re: Status of debian-installer for the native ppc64 port

tags 301120 -wontfix
tags 339716 -wontfix
tags 365203 -wontfix
tags 365345 -wontfix


On 06-Jun-28 13:25, Frans Pop wrote:
> We have discussed including the ppc64 port again during the d-i IRC 
> meeting last Saturday. I am happy to let you know that we've decided to 
> add support in the d-i repository, with the following conditions:
> * the d-i team will not maintain ppc64 data
> * ppc64 will not be allowed to interfere with release plans (i.e. any
>   needed changes have to be submitted in time before any freezes)
> * in principle we will not do separate uploads for ppc64 changes
> * ppc64 data may be removed if not maintained
> So, if these conditions are OK with you, you are welcome to file your 
> patches and remove the wontfix tag from existing bug reports.
> As we are currently starting preparations for the Beta3 release of d-i, 
> the patches probably will not be applied until after that release has 
> happened.

This is good news! The above conditions are of course perfectly all 
right. I would not have asked for anything else for a non-release
architecture like ppc64.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare and make this decision
about ppc64.

Andreas Jochens

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