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Re: RFC: partman-auto-crypto

On Thu, June 22, 2006 9:14, Christian Perrier said:
> For instance, for French translation, I would probably put:
> Effacer et utiliser avec chiffrement tout le disque ${DEVICE}
> ...which means that most part of ${DEVICE} will be truncated.

Yes I know, I already see the same problem with the english text

> Indeed, we should find another way to do this, and probably put in
> ${DEVICE} a much shorter string.....
> Anyone with an idea ?

How about splitting the partman-auto screen into two? First a question on
the method to use (e.g. "Perform an automatic installation using LVM") and
then a screen to select the device (e.g. "Format and use IDE0 master -
Maxtor 46L489 for installation")? Perhaps the two should be shown in
reverse order?

> Apart from that, I find "with crypto" a little bit jargonic but I
> don't have very good suggestions.

I used "crypto" as it was the shortest text I could come up with :) If we
do come up with a solution to allow longer texts in that menu I could
change it  to be a bit more descriptive.


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