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Broken Estonian translation in D-I


The last version of the Estonian translation you commited in D-I SVN
repository is completely broken:

bubulle@kheops:~/src/debian/debian-installer/packages/po$ LC_ALL=C msgfmt -o /dev/null -c et.po|more
et.po:3436: missing `msgstr' section
et.po:3489: missing `msgstr' section
et.po:3526: missing `msgstr' section
et.po:3599: missing `msgstr' section
et.po:3700: duplicate message definition
et.po:3698: ...this is the location of the first definition
et.po:3709: duplicate message definition
et.po:3707: ...this is the location of the first definition
et.po:3730: duplicate message definition

I restored the version in r38200 which is the last good one. Please
correct this and, please, CHECK your translation files before commiting

msgfmt -o /dev/null -c <file>

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