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Re: RFC: partman-auto-crypto

> So, I'd be happy to have some review, questions and comments on the code :)

Template: partman-auto-crypto/text/use_device
Type: text
# TRANSLATORS: This is a menu entry. Keep in under 55 columns/characters
# The string replacing ${DEVICE} may be very long, so make your translation
# as short as possible and keep the variable AT THE END
# for example "Erase entire disk and use crypto: IDE0 master - Maxtor 46L489"
_Description: Erase entire disk and use crypto: ${DEVICE}

That entry could be a problem. We actually already have this problem
with partman-auto....${DEVICE} can contain a very long string...and
does actually not fit completely on the screen.

With the partman-auto-lvm entry, the problem becomes even worse.

For instance, for French translation, I would probably put:

Effacer et utiliser avec chiffrement tout le disque ${DEVICE}

...which means that most part of ${DEVICE} will be truncated.

Indeed, we should find another way to do this, and probably put in
${DEVICE} a much shorter string.....

Anyone with an idea ?

Apart from that, I find "with crypto" a little bit jargonic but I
don't have very good suggestions.

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