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Re: [g-i] new screenshots available

Quoting Leang Chumsoben (soben@khmeros.info):
> Hello,
> > It would be interesting to have some feedback from native speakers;
> it looks pretty good for Khmer.

We should confirm this and more specifically dig into it.

When I had a look at G-I with Javier Sola at Debconf, for Khmer, he
mentioend clearly that rendering was not completely correct,
especially with diacritics being cut down here and there.

So, mor ethan screenshots, it would be really good to test a real
install with a mini ISO image. Going up to the partitioning stage can
be done on any machine safely as the installer is not destructive
before it writes down the partition table.

Davide, at least for Khmer, do you think you can provide ISO images?
Or, as an alternative, a *lot* of screenshots..:-)

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