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Re: Status of debian-installer for the native ppc64 port

On 06-Jun-19 22:56, Sven Luther wrote:
> BTW, is there a profund difference between the ppc64 kernels and the powerpc64
> powerpc arch kernels ? 

The ppc64 kernels are almost exactly the same as the powerpc64 kernels.

I had to change the package names from linux-image-*-powerpc64 to
linux-image-*-ppc64 because the kernel build process will get severely 
confused if the same package names are used for different architectures.

In the recent 2.6.16 kernels I also had to change the ppc64 .config
file for a single thermal control related module from
'modular' to 'built-in' because otherwise the fans of my G5 box
would make a noise like a 747.

I hope that the thermal control driver will work again as a 
module with 2.6.17 so that I can revert this change.

Andreas Jochens

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