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Re: "can't find the 2.6/l image" or something similar.

Geert Stappers ha scritto:
On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 06:36:47PM +0200, Michele Bendazzoli wrote:
There is a problem with the daily hd-media installer: following the instruction to boot with the pen-stick (the beta 2 works), when the user type enter, the system is not able to start the installer.

The message is "can't find the 2.6/l image" or something similar.

That could be an issue at hardware level. BIOS not able to boot
from the USB stick. The _exact_ message would be helpfull.
I made a - zcat boot.img.gz > /dev/sdf - with the daily boot.img.gz from hd-media, then I copy the debian-testing-i386-businesscard.iso (always from daily images) into the pen-stick, as suggested in the manual.

Then I try to boot the installer from the pen-stick. At the boot prompt I try to type "Enter", install,installgui etc (as from the F3 manual page). The only that start are install24 and expert24.

The error message was: Could not find kernel image: 2.6/l

The same procedure, works with the related beta 2 image (also if I'm not able to load the driver for adaptec aic-9405w controller, i.e. aic94xx. There is one with the last kernel image of the ubuntu (only with the last kernel update when the system is installed, not in the installer!), but not one for the etch).

Hope this help


I hope you don't get problem with you domain.

Excuse me for my bad English but I don't understand ... what do you mean?
Geert Stappers
ciao, Michele

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