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Bug#368602: making screenscreenshots

Geert Stappers wrote:
Package: cdebconf-gtk-udeb
Severity: wishlist

On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 12:11:55PM +0200, Davide Viti wrote:

In my tests the ppc build made on the 18th did not show any cyrillic glyphs.

I think this is a ppc G-I build issue. I was hoping Colin will see the
email and reply.

can you reproduce it with the latest build?
Do you have screenshots, or take any if it reproduces?
if it happens, can you see if switching to VT2 and running something like
"find /usr/share/fonts" does list ttf-dejavu.ttf among the font files?


Include a screenshot program a la gnome-panel-screenshot (1) - capture screen or window and save the image to a file.

where the (default) file location in the log file directory
that is available to the d-i http log file server

The GTK frontend is already provided with a "screenshot" button, meant to ease reporting problems about bad font rendering etc.. PNGs are saved into /var/log and can be retrived via HTTP after "save installation log" has been pressed and the netcat-based web server started.
Does the screenshot function fails on PPC systems?


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