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Re: ppp-udeb aka PPPoE in d-i: patch for intergration in d-i

On Thursday 11 May 2006 08:56, Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> What I want to fix before saying he patch is ready is to:
> - add automatic detection of concentrators and then fall back to user
> input in case (with a progress bar)

Please keep in mind that the package should also remain usable for
"normal" ppp dial-up connections (using analog modems).
At least I think it also covers that functionality. If not, maybe the udeb
should be renamed to pppoe-udeb.

> - review the wording of the messages

+Template: ppp/detect_failed
+Type: error
+_Description: Ethernet card detection failed
+ There were no ethernet card found. In order to configure PPPoE on the system
+ it is necessary to have at least on ethernet card.
+ .
+ If your system does have an ethernet card, then this might mean that
+ it was not detected by the installer.
+ .
+ PPPoE configuration will be aborted.

s/ethernet/Ethernet/ (everywhere)
Is it correct to refer to pppoe cards as Ethernet cards?
s/card found/cards found/
Maybe better: "No Ethernet cards were found."
s/at least on/at least one/

> - make the package have its own entry in the main menu (or maybe link
> to the network configuration if dhcp fails)

The reason it does not show up in the menu is that there is no
"XB-Installer-Menu-Item: xx" line in the debian/control file.

If you add that line, make sure that you give it a correct number.
See installer/doc/devel/menu-item-numbers.txt. Also make sure that you
register the number used there once the patch is accepted by Marco.

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