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ppp-udeb aka PPPoE in d-i: patch for intergration in d-i

Hello all,

<update> The patch is not ready yet because there are some things I
have to fix. </update>

I have taken the time look over the ppp-udeb and I tried to test it to
see what happens on a practical case. I saw that the postinst failed
and realised the templates were not emebdded in the udeb.

So I fixed that and another issue with the postinst using echo for
error reporting. For that error I added a template, but I would like a
review on the wording before saying the patch is ready. Also a review
on the changes made within the postinst is welcome.

I have tested the patched udeb by installing it in the d-i environment
by running on tty2 "udpkg -i ppp-udeb_..." but I found out that the
display is screwed and no item appeared in the d-i menu. Also there
are some issues with display/debconf interaction because at every
keystroke there is a short message (sorry can't remember exactly what
it said, but it contains the pid of some process) which looks like
some debugging debris (yesterday I was so tired I couldn't focus -
Davide knows).

What I want to fix before saying he patch is ready is to:
- add automatic detection of concentrators and then fall back to user
input in case (with a progress bar)
- make the messages display correctly
- review the wording of the messages
- make the package have its own entry in the main menu (or maybe link
to the network configuration if dhcp fails)

Any help on any of the points above is appreciated (I have a rough
idea about how autodetection of concentrators should happen).

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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