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Re: partman and installations to MTD (flash)

On Monday 08 May 2006 18:50, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> A file system like JFFS is normally used.  MTD doesn't have
> traditional partitions like disks; in terms of the installer, we
> should probably just take the existing partitions that are recognized
> by the kernel (i.e. you cannot delete or create partitions, or resize
> them).

Basically it seems you would like to disable all the regular options. I'm 
no partman expert, but I know that it is possible to make partman not 
show options using the "choices" scripts.
Main thing is to determine how to detect MTD.

See partman-md/choose_method/md/choices as an example where "use as RAID" 
is disabled for partitions starting at block 0 on sparc.

If you disable all choices you don't want and only leave the ones you do 
(for mount point selection etc.), that should in theory do it.

Partman auto can be disabled in the same way.

I hope this won't result in a huge amount of exceptions though...

Does parted already support and recognize JFFS?

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