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Re: ppp-udeb aka PPPoE in d-i: patch for intergration in d-i

> +Template: ppp/detect_failed
> +Type: error
> +_Description: Ethernet card detection failed
> + There were no ethernet card found. In order to configure PPPoE on the system

I'm maybe wrong but it sounds weird to me...."There were" is plural
and "ethernet card" is singular.

In other places in D-I, we have "No Ethernet card was detected"

> + it is necessary to have at least on ethernet card.

I'm not fond of possessive here. I'd prefer something like:

"In order to onfigure PPPoE on the system, at least one Ethernet card
is needed"

BTW, we lack consistency about the writing of "Ethernet/ethernet" in
D-I. I think that "Ethernet" is better, given that this is a proper
noun.....OK, you mentioned this later anyway...:)

> + .
> + If your system does have an ethernet card, then this might mean that
> + it was not detected by the installer.

If the system has an Ethernet card, it probably failed to be detected.

> + .
> + PPPoE configuration will be aborted.

The configuration of PPPoE will be aborted.

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