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Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

Hey all,

As I suspect you're all already aware, on 27th April, Sven Luther asked
me to review the situation with d-i and powerpc as a result of finding
his commit access to the d-i repository had been removed. Having spent
some time since then seeing what's been going on, I've concluded that
removing Sven's commit access was a reasonable course of action, and
won't be asking that you accept Sven's request to have it reinstated.

I have, however, recommended that Sven make use of his ability to NMU
d-i packages should they be broken on powerpc, with the following caveats:

>     1. At the same time as you upload an NMU, you file a bug completely
>        documenting the problem you're fixing, why it occurs, how it can
>        be reproduced, and what your fix is, including the patch.
>     2. When preparing the NMU, you make minimal changes -- that is you
>        don't change any design decisions the d-i team have made, and
>        don't do anything that causes breakage on other architectures,
>        or on systems that work in other ways.
>     3. You make best efforts to keep your changes compatible with ongoing
>        d-i development -- ideally providing patches that apply both to the
>        current debs in the archive and current CVS, should they differ.
>     4. After uploading your NMU, you monitor any problems it may cause and
>        assist in fixing them, and do your best to assist with any queries
>        the d-i team have in regards to integrating your fix into CVS,
>        which may involve generalising it, or other considerations you
>        haven't taken into account.

Frans has already indicated he and Colin should be able to commit any
patches Sven sends along in a reasonably timely fashion; and I'm hopeful
that the structured cooperation via NMUs and the BTS should provide some
practice so that you guys can work with Sven with a little less tension.

Particularly initially that probably means you'll need to be careful to
make sure you notice NMUs and work with Sven to make sure the bug reports
contain enough information to improve any patches that need improving. If
you find you still need help making this work after a couple of weeks,
please get in contact with me or Steve McIntyre so we can work through
this a bit more.

I expect we'll shortly need to look seriously into getting a few more
people actively working on maintaining the powerpc port as well; at the
moment we seem to be relying on Sven to do everything, and that's not
really ideal.


Anthony Towns, Debian Project Leader

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