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Re: Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

On Wed, May 10, 2006 at 04:38:31PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Hey all,
> As I suspect you're all already aware, on 27th April, Sven Luther asked
> me to review the situation with d-i and powerpc as a result of finding
> his commit access to the d-i repository had been removed. Having spent
> some time since then seeing what's been going on, I've concluded that
> removing Sven's commit access was a reasonable course of action, and
> won't be asking that you accept Sven's request to have it reinstated.

Anthony, d-i team.

I would very much like to get the detail of the reasoning behind how you
concluded that it was a reasonable course of action, also in the light of the
additional detail i gave you concerning the private email exchange between me
and Frans which preceded by a few days at most that decision.

Further, i want to point out that i am the original author of both the
nobootloader and prep-installler .udeb packages, and was also early involved
in partman-prep (which is currently broken) package from Cajus Pollmeyer.

These tree packages are in the debian-installer svn repo, and removing my
commit access means additional hurdle to me working on them, and i think it
would be more logical if this confirms itself, that those packages be removed
from the d-i svn repo and hosted somewhere else more neutral.

I don't believe this would be best for debian and d-i though, but it seems
that you failed to take those issues into account when you reached this

I believe that there was a failure in transparency in how this issue was
solved and how you came to the above conclusion, nor do i believe that there
is *ANY* justifiable argument which allow you to say that the removal of the
commit access was a reasonable course of action, and in any case, i have seen
no evidence that this removal of my svn commit access was expected to have any
technical effect, only a social one, to get ride of me and make sure i would
not be able to interact with d-i in the future.

If this is a reasonable course of action, i would like confirmation from you
on this, because this has some very profound signification to what debian has
become in the 8 years since i joined it, and i don't recognize me in it
anymore (and i believe i am not the only person in this case, from private
comments made by other long-time DDs).

I believe that the mediation attempts has thus failed, and that the proposal
you make has not evolved a bit since we started this, and that you gave all
the reason to the d-i team. I expected more from this mediation attempts, and
am severly disapointed. It is clear it is not worth the time lost in email
exchange with either you or Steve.


Sven Luther

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