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Re: Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

On 16:38 Wed 10 May     , Anthony Towns wrote:
> Frans has already indicated he and Colin should be able to commit any
> patches Sven sends along in a reasonably timely fashion; and I'm hopeful
> that the structured cooperation via NMUs and the BTS should provide some
> practice so that you guys can work with Sven with a little less tension.

In any case working with less tension should be done.
But do you think, it's interesting for Sven to work in this way.
He should wait until Frans or someone else to see his work in the svn
and with his knowledge about powerpc, I think lots of time will be lost
and the work will be delay. So you will have people working and able to
post patches for others architectures and for powerpc you will have
a delay if something is broken.

> Particularly initially that probably means you'll need to be careful to
> make sure you notice NMUs and work with Sven to make sure the bug reports
> contain enough information to improve any patches that need improving. If
> you find you still need help making this work after a couple of weeks,
> please get in contact with me or Steve McIntyre so we can work through
> this a bit more.

Yes, and you will have more work than you already have using this way to
fix powerpc broken stuffs.

> I expect we'll shortly need to look seriously into getting a few more
> people actively working on maintaining the powerpc port as well; at the
> moment we seem to be relying on Sven to do everything, and that's not
> really ideal.

Sure but looking after such of person is not easy and this person should
have lots of exeperience with powerpc, d-i and debian.

If you have someone who can do the same job as Sven did, then ok, we
will be happy to have him working on d-i but as far as I know, noone has
post about this topic and want to take this job.

We have Sven, why not trying to do forget what append before and try to
work together and not pointing on people everytimes.

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