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Re: Issues regarding powerpc and Sven

Anthony Towns wrote:
> I expect we'll shortly need to look seriously into getting a few more
> people actively working on maintaining the powerpc port as well; at the
> moment we seem to be relying on Sven to do everything, and that's not
> really ideal.

Well, Colin has been doing work on powerpc (including daily builds,
updating it to current kernels, build fixes and fixing CD issues), 
that's on top of his previous powerpc work like maintaining yaboot-installer
and quik-installer. 

There's also an offer from Daniel Dickinson <alemc.2@bmts.com> to help
in an assisting role, mostly on oldworld. Noone has replied to that mail
<[🔎] 20060503181501.0b9ec73b@revor.fionavar.dd> yet though.

You may be overestimating the effort needed for the d-i powerpc port,
aside from the mess surrounding booting linux on oldworld powerpc hardware
that lacks a free bootloader, or that has to use floppies that don't
seem to work reliably, most port-specific work is maintenance. You can see
that in the set of open d-i powerpc bugs:
Especially when compared to all d-i bugs:

see shy jo

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