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Re: [d-i manual] gpl section


On Mon, 01 May 2006 10:50:08 +0200 Frans Pop wrote:
> I'd missed that. Changed as well, including some changes in the text.
> Please make sure that you bring the German version in line with the 
> English one as it is now.

Yes, of course.

> Also, this page [1] has information and even hard requirements for 
> unofficial translations. Please check those and make you you've followed 
> them.
> Does the translation in the manual match the German translation published 
> there?

I've stolen it from there :-) and also included a string that it's
taken from there with some additional comment who created it.

> I'd also suggest _not_ to do the examples on how to use the licence in 
> practice in two languages. That only confuses.

Hmm, ok, agreed.


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