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Re: [G-I] Indic and arabic fonts; which are best?

On 1/23/06, Davide Viti <zinosat@tiscali.it> wrote:
> Hi Eddy,
> >As I (think I) told you on the way to Madrid, I think that we can do
> >that with really tough font stripping. I can't tell you ow confident I
> >am that we will fix it and that we will do it really well ;-) .
> I've never had any doubts about that; since it's already happened that one
> font file was said to be OK but we had to change it for other reasons (Arabic/Persian),
> IMO it would be wiser to find the right set of font files first and once
> we got all there, we can work on consistency.

About choosing the right font files, I found the best thing was to
take screenshots while the only font available is the one which needs
to be checked by native speakers if it is ok. This will ensure that we
will not be in the odd position that I found myself in when I observed
that fc-list does not show the complete list of fonts that are
considered for a language.

What I am really worried about (but I might be worrying for nothing)
is that some languages did not appear in the main menu that I used for
testing in Extremadura. So my worry is that we need to get an aproval
of the correctness of the fonts for more languages than what we
belived (or at least I did) in the beginning.

For this we might need an unofficial g-i image that contains all the
languages from d-i, so we can decide the proper fonts for all of them
(Christian made at some point in the past an unofficial d-i image that
contained more languages than the official one, so we can ask help).

OTOH, is the translation level of a language is too low, the installer
will be non-localized, anyway, so .... what do you think is the best
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