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Can we still support 32MB installs?

> As to the 14k, we're currently too big for 32 mb memory installs and

A few days ago, I made a few tests in VmWare to detect which memory
size we currently support.

So I added memory to a virtual machine, 4MB by 4MB....starting from

The first machine which was working was the 44MB machine.

Of course, this is a single test, with the default install (hence 2.6
kernel) on an i386 machine...so we cannot generalize.

But this test makes me think that I'm unsure whether we can still
imagine supporting 32MB installs unless very new methods to save RAM
are implemented.

I did not finish the 44MB install so I can't tell for sure whether it
works...this is anyway very theoretical as machines with memory
between 32 and 48 are not very common (though possible, I *know*).

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