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Re: [partman] How to keep data in existing partitions

|--==> Anton Zinoviev writes:

  AZ> On Sat, Jan 14, 2006 at 02:59:36PM +0100, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>Here you can also  create a recipe including not  only / and swap, but
  >>also  /home with *keep* method, so  that you  can avoid creating files
  >>use_filesystem, filesystem etc. afterwards.

  AZ> This is simpler but that way partman-auto is not going to reuse an
  AZ> already existing /home partition.  Instead it creates a new partition,
  AZ> it doesn't format it and crosses fingers in hope that the new
  AZ> partition has absolutely the same location as the old /home partition.

Thinking twice I  feel  that the  term "keep" used  to label  a method
which *do* actually  format the indicated  partition, is potentially a
bit  misleading, at least   it has  been for  me.

If a partition is labelled "keep" in a recipe,  I would expect is data
to  be *kept*,   which   is  not  always  the   case  in the   current
implementation (correct me if I'm wrong).

Furthermore from


I read:

method{ format }
	Used to make the partition be formatted. To keep the content of
	an existing partition, change "format" to "keep"

but if I understand you correctly, there are cases where the semantics
of  "keep"  is actually  to   create  a  new  partition and   leave it



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