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Re: install debian on usb disk (rw)?

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> * Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> [060114 20:16]:
>>>My BIOS can (at least it says so). Can the initrd created
>>>during installation? Usually you need hotplug support to
>>>access USB devices.
>>They're supposed to. If they don't, file bugs against the initrd generator 
>>used, not against d-i.
> If that helps: I tested usb installation before sarge was released and
> it worked very well.  Havn't played with it since then.

I tried it at the weekend: Installation went fine, but on
the first reboot Grub died with Error 16, 17, or 2, i.e.
problems with /boot. Using a separate /boot partition
(first partition on disk) did not help.



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