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Re: Bug#347696: console-terminus: Font name changes will break D-I beta1

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 07:35:42AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> (moving this to -boot as we're now outside the scope of the original
> bug. I don't know whether you're still subscribed to -boot so keeping
> the CC)

Including me in a CC of a message is a good way to force me read the
rest of debian-boot for a while. :-)

> Let's try to be precise here. I don't find any font named "Fixed16" so
> I'll assume you're talking about the font(s) named
> "*-Terminus16.psf.gz". Right?

Fixed16 is part of console-setup, currently at

For conveniece I have attached the font for Uni2 codeset, it supports
Latin, Cyrillic and Greek.

And for those who like the "classic" look the right choice is VGA16,
also attached.

BTW, all Terminus, TerminusBold and TerminusBoldVGA fonts support same

> Could you comment about the possible drawbacks of using the 512 glyphs
> fonts for the default console we install with d-i?

I'd like to reserve the 512 glyph fonts only for languages that
require that many glyphs (Arabic, Ethiopian and Vietnamese).

> > I plan to upload console-setup the coming weekend.
> Wonderful. I think that console handling (input AND output) will
> definitely be one of the post-beta2 concerns for D-I. We really might
> need you following this closely as well as other specialists of this
> part such as Eugenyi Meschscheryakov, Denis barbier and Alastair
> McKinstry.

The following is an excerpt of my message to the pkg-kbd-devel mailing

] Stage 1.  Console-setup exists in paralel with the current console
] framework.  Bug reports from users with different configurations are
] being collected.  Console-cyrillic becomes obsolete.  At first d-i
] uses console-setup as default console configurator for the languages
] that currently use console-cyrillic and for languages that currently
] lack proper support on the console, later more languages can switch to
] console-setup.
] Stage 2. Udebs with precompiled keyboards for d-i are created together
] with an udeb to configure console-setup during the first stage of d-i
] (thats why the "config" script of console-setup is not a Perl script
] but a shell script).  Console-setup is used for all languages.

Anton Zinoviev

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