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Re: Bug#347696: console-terminus: Font name changes will break D-I beta1

* Anton Zinoviev [2006-01-13 12:21:09+0200]
> On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 07:35:42AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Could you comment about the possible drawbacks of using the 512 glyphs
> > fonts for the default console we install with d-i?
> I'd like to reserve the 512 glyph fonts only for languages that
> require that many glyphs (Arabic, Ethiopian and Vietnamese).

Hmm, I've misunderstood the Uni3-* font then.  Seems that it doesn't cover
all the glyphs of d-i languages and it's a more-in-one font, rather than an
all-in-one (which I thought so).  At this stage, Lat15-* seems to be the
right choice for Turkish.  Am I get it right?

> > > I plan to upload console-setup the coming weekend.
> > 
> > Wonderful. I think that console handling (input AND output) will
> > definitely be one of the post-beta2 concerns for D-I. We really might
> > need you following this closely as well as other specialists of this
> > part such as Eugenyi Meschscheryakov, Denis barbier and Alastair
> > McKinstry.
> The following is an excerpt of my message to the pkg-kbd-devel mailing
> list.
> ] Stage 1.  Console-setup exists in paralel with the current console
> ] framework.  Bug reports from users with different configurations are
> ] being collected.  Console-cyrillic becomes obsolete.  At first d-i
> ] uses console-setup as default console configurator for the languages
> ] that currently use console-cyrillic and for languages that currently
> ] lack proper support on the console, later more languages can switch to
> ] console-setup.
> ] 
> ] Stage 2. Udebs with precompiled keyboards for d-i are created together
> ] with an udeb to configure console-setup during the first stage of d-i
> ] (thats why the "config" script of console-setup is not a Perl script
> ] but a shell script).  Console-setup is used for all languages.

I'm testing it at the moment.  It looks very promising.  BTW, I've found a
few glitches (the second one prevents me to install it properly):

    * Typo in the filename: debian/copiright

    * Missing ';;' in case statement

--- config.proto.orig	2006-01-13 14:15:21.000000000 +0200
+++ config.proto	2006-01-13 14:15:46.000000000 +0200
@@ -770,6 +770,7 @@
 	default_layout=se  # Sweden
 	default_variant=smi # Northern Saami
+	;;
 	default_layout=se  # Sweden

I'll continue to investigate it, great work!



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