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Re: Bug#347696: console-terminus: Font name changes will break D-I beta1

(moving this to -boot as we're now outside the scope of the original
bug. I don't know whether you're still subscribed to -boot so keeping
the CC)

> > BTW, I intend to push a more general use of Terminus fonts which seem
> > to me way more complete...and nice.....than fonts from console-data.
> BTW, the most complete console font is Fixed16 from console-setup.
> For example it supports Armenian, Georgian, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese
> -- languages that are currently completely unsupported on the console.
> The only alphabet that can be supported on the console but is not
> supported by Fixed16 is the Ethiopian.  On the other hand Terminus is
> nice and I am in favour of its more general use.

Let's try to be precise here. I don't find any font named "Fixed16" so
I'll assume you're talking about the font(s) named
"*-Terminus16.psf.gz". Right?

Could you comment about the possible drawbacks of using the 512 glyphs
fonts for the default console we install with d-i?

> I plan to upload console-setup the coming weekend.

Wonderful. I think that console handling (input AND output) will
definitely be one of the post-beta2 concerns for D-I. We really might
need you following this closely as well as other specialists of this
part such as Eugenyi Meschscheryakov, Denis barbier and Alastair

> > Except maybe the case of the Cyrillic "K".....:)
> The upstream sent me a patch so the Cyrillic "K" is OK now. :-)

Yay ! So Terminus fonts definitely qualify for Cyrillic as well. Will
be post-beta2 but good news.

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