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Re: Console fonts for d-i

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 07:12:07AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> You mean you would recommend the Bold version of the font?
> May I ask you why ? I have some concerns about how will bolded text be
> displayed, then (I still need some examples of this but I'm sure there
> are...).

I really don't think that there is a font choice that will suit
everyone.  I can tell from my own experience that the non-bold fonts
are completely unreadable in a sunny room with old monitor. :-) On the
other hand the 8 columns of TerminusBold are not enough for some bold
symbols (sych as m, w and ¶) and the 9 columns of TerminusBoldVGA can
not be used with framebuffer.  In any case the font choice will be a

> I really want to avoid each language to choose different fonts, which
> leads to the mess we currently have in languagelist. So, unless there
> are technical reasons, I want, as post-beta2 work, standardize the
> console font for all languages.

The current mess is definitely not aesthetic, but are there any
technical problems caused by it?

> Terminus fonts are a good candidate for this as they cover a wide
> variety of character sets.

Only Latin and Cyrillic.

> PS: I still have some doubts about using the 512-glyphs fonts,
> though. My understanding is that they use some VGA remapping and thus
> these fonts may be unusable in the non i386/amd64/powerpc
> world..... comments from these porters would be appreciated

Please, don't.  In text mode (i.e. without framebuffer) some of the
colours change very badly if a 512-glyph font is used.

I am not sure about non i386/amd64/powerpc, but I think most of them
use framebuffer so 512-glyph fonts should be OK there.

Anton Zinoviev

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