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Re: Console fonts for d-i


* Christian Perrier [2006-01-13 07:12:07+0100]
> >   + Change console font as "Uni3-TerminusBold16" (tested OK).
> You mean you would recommend the Bold version of the font?
> May I ask you why ? I have some concerns about how will bolded text be
> displayed, then (I still need some examples of this but I'm sure there
> are...).

Sure, I would recommend it.  It fits my taste perfectly :-), a more serious
reason is explained below.

> This means that the choice made for the first languages using these
> fonts will set the de facto standard for all othe rlanguages, thus we
> probably need to converge to a widely accepted standard.

I interprete the word "standard" here as having a similar (or not radically
different) appearance with the classic fonts, i.e. lat0-sun16 or iso01.f16.
But all these are somewhat subjective.  If a consensus is reached, I'll
gladly follow it up.


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