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Console fonts for d-i

>   + Change console font as "Uni3-TerminusBold16" (tested OK).

You mean you would recommend the Bold version of the font?

May I ask you why ? I have some concerns about how will bolded text be
displayed, then (I still need some examples of this but I'm sure there

The standard font seems fine by me as a default. It has very good

For people who want trying these fonts:

-aptitude install console-terminus
-change SCREEN_FONT in /etc/console-tools/config to "Uni3-Terminus16"
or any of the /usr/share/consolefonts/*Terminus*.psf.gz fonts
-/etc/init.d/console-screen.sh start

I really want to avoid each language to choose different fonts, which
leads to the mess we currently have in languagelist. So, unless there
are technical reasons, I want, as post-beta2 work, standardize the
console font for all languages.

Terminus fonts are a good candidate for this as they cover a wide
variety of character sets.

This means that the choice made for the first languages using these
fonts will set the de facto standard for all othe rlanguages, thus we
probably need to converge to a widely accepted standard.

PS: I still have some doubts about using the 512-glyphs fonts,
though. My understanding is that they use some VGA remapping and thus
these fonts may be unusable in the non i386/amd64/powerpc
world..... comments from these porters would be appreciated

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