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Re: How to run base-config in the first stage

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> > For tasksel and exim I'm sure this is the case; for user-setup it may well 
> > be that the "passwd" prefix should be changed to a "d-i" prefix. I'm not 
> > sure though. Christian?
> No, I haven't changed the passwd prefix.
> I more or less think about changing it after beta2, but keep backwards
> compatibility to not break existing preseeded installs....but this
> will need discussion before.
> So, in short, the preseeding you were using for sarge should still
> work.

Hmmm, thinking mor edeeply, it will pobably have to be changed at some
moment because even if the prefix still is passwd/, the owner should
be "d-i".

It still works currently because passwd still uses these templates but
we will drop them in passwd in the future, so I'd recommend using d-i
as owner now (Frans just changed the example today for this).

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