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Re: [g-i] meeting in Extremadura, Spain

Geert Stappers wrote:
On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 03:49:05PM +0000, Davide Viti wrote:
true; before hassling organizers, I'd like to be sure there's a good
reason to do so, or more precisely there's enough people interested in
I'm sure we could get a lot of work done, and share alot of knowledge;
I wrote about fonts because is what I'm working on ATM and because
I think is one of the first things we should get fixed, but there are
quite a few things we could work on:
* put some effort on the dependencies blocker
* fix some of the bugs affecting the graphic libs (DFB and such) * work on a way of simplifying the "production" of thest g-i images based on newer version of the libs * try and work on some new ports
* improve some debugging techinques for the g-i

These are just some of the topics that come to my mind.
This (at least for me) would be a good occasion to know people
I only "spoke" with during IRC sessions/emails.

I really hope we can do this meeting


I do have interrest in this d-i meeting.

I'm also planning to come :)

Best regards,
  Denis Oliver Kropp

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