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Etch installer - outsider's report

Good Evening,

Last weekend I have been installing Debian Etch form zero.
I have used CD images of 21.11.2005 from internet.

In general, after I have survived Potato some years ago (2 weeks before
seeing Window Maker), nothing can move me very much :-)

My remark refers to default partitoning in multi-user box: Space designed
for root / partition is definetely too small. I have got problem also in
another installation of Sarge: it was so serious, that there have been
problems with standard update of kernel - no space left in partition.
I have resolved the problem by moving some directories as /root, /opt/,
/etc to /home and making symbolic links to them, but I am aware, it is
idiotic solution. Disc was 40GB with some fat experimental installation,
including Gnome, KDE, Mozilla, Scribus and OpenOffice.

I see, it is the same in Etch.

I have tried to edit default numbers, but it was possible to shrink
partitions only. I have tried to shrink one and use extra space for next
one, but no such possiblility. 

I have not tested possibility to erase 2 partitions first and to create
new partitions with different sizes relation in whole new space.

I have ended by shrinking home and creating new partition in empty space
and mounted it under /boot. It would look better not to make extra
directories in /home partition, just to get space for too small /

It is just my installation report, nothing more serious.

One wish: put Midnight Commander and modconf for base system
installation. It seems to me it was like this in Woody and Potato. 

(And I am not any programmer or IT specialist - I am mechanics engineer
- perhaps it might be usefull to get an outsider's report :-))

Thanks for good job.

With Best Greetings
Basia Glowacka

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