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Re: troubles downloading the most packages

On Saturday 05 November 2005 17:37, SYNSPACE - Stephan Hostie wrote:
> on the most servers where I try to download (apt-get) the packages, I
> get 404 errors

Have you run 'apt-get update' at all since you installed the system?

Also the sources.list you show here is broken:
- you should not mix stable (sarge) and testing (etch) unless you really
  know what you are doing
- etch and testing are identical so you have multiple sources for the
  same thing (which is not broken, just not necessary)

Suggest you delete the bottom 3 lines. If you want non-free, just add 
"non-free" to the first 2 lines.

Finally, this is not really a question for debian-boot. Please ask on 
debian-user next time.

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