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Yaird, grub and d-i should also support dmraid devices.

Package: yaird
Version: any
Tags: upstream, patch
Severity: normal

As dbug:335230 this should help bringing to yaird the boot support for dmraid 

As you all know dmraid is now in debian, should be nice to add support for it 
also in partman (d-i) udeb providing and in grub, I done it manually so 
should be possibile to also patch grub-install to handle it. Also d-i should 
be trivial. 

CC:ed also maintainers of grub, dm-raid and d-i for seeing their interest in 
supporting this task and asking this question :

" Should I fill also bugs for grub and d-i (for yaird I'm like little 
authorized) ? "

---  begin yaird only part ---- 

I know that evms support is unfinished yet, but I got this code working!
It actually booted my dmraid system, it seems that my perl skills are 
growing :-)

It is someway dirty and has poor RC checking, but works, at least worked for 

Patch included, diffed from yaird-evms archive from the above dbug page.

Feel free to include in upcoming yaird 0.12 :-)


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