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Re: [directfb-dev] Cairo

Mike Emmel wrote:
Hi all I talked to Keith Packard about the Cairo Directfb backend and
he said they would
welcome it into the mainline cairo release or we can put a blurb about
it on the cairo website.

I think getting it into the mainline cairo release would give a lot of
exposure to directfb but wanted some feed back here before moving the

As you may already know the upcoming graphical debian installer will be based on GTK over DirectFrameBuffer. The graphical installer itself is almost complete (tough some fine tunings are still required): ports for i386 already works correctly and AMD64 and PPC ports are worked on. The debian installer team plans to merge the graphical installer into the main debian-installer tree after the relase of Etch Beta 1. A graphical installation system is something debian was missing from long time and will be one of the highlights of Etch, when relased. At the moment we use GTKDFB 2.0.9: altough outdated it has proved to be stable enough (tough some smaller but annoying bugs are to be fixed yet) for real world use and offers (almost) anything we need for our purposes. So we're not in a hurry for switching to GTKDFB 2.8.x, but since the process of packaging GTKDFB and its developement tools has caused us many headaches we would like to see the GDKDFB library being
integrated into GTK mainline and CAIRODFB becoming part of CAIRO.
This way packaging GTKDFB (and libs it depends by like cairo ) for use in the debian-installer will be much easier when we'll switch to GTKDFB 2.8.x. We also belive that having DFB in the CAIRO and GTK mainline will contribute to attract the interest of many developers and will contribute to the developement of GTKDFB.



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