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Re: Bug#333385: installation report

hi debian-users

with a nightly build of the netinstaller-cd, the scsi-controller of my ibm x306 was successfully recognized!

what's strange now: I have configured a raid-1 on the controller so that the two identical disks should be as one for debian. but debian shows me both disks in the partitioning screen.

any ideas?

Stefan Burkard wrote:
hi lennart

IBM calls it "IBM ServeRAID 7e". but this is just another name for an Adaptec AIC-7901 Integrated Ultra320 SCSI controller.

according to christian mack, who wrote to me, I will give it another try with a nightly build of the netinstaller with kernel 2.6.12.

I will post the results on this thread, but I'm not in the office the next few days...

thanks and greetings

Lennart Sorensen wrote:

On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 03:02:30PM +0200, Stefan Burkard wrote:

has anybody an idea how to solve my problem below? I have to setup the server soon and if I can't find a solution I will try with an actual fedora-linux (but i would prefer debian)

What kind of adaptec raid controller?  Is it even supported by Linux?

Len Sorensen

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