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Re: 4 mock-ups for graphical d-i for inspiration

--- Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca>

> Do you think this can be done with a gtk theme, or
> does this require a
> new widget set design (and who wants to do such a
> thing).

I'll rethink some of the things I did here (namely,
the fake shadow on the window, etc.). And yes, I want
to show something that needs no extra development, and
use the regular widgets (except for the need to create
a new theme). I tried maintaing the "wizard" look of
the newt d-i interface, and this can be achieved with
current widgets. I hope to make the next mockups in
glade to show how feasible they are.

> > 1 - I took out the menu. Like the text interface,
> it
> > can be reached through the back button.
> Which is so nonintuative.  Back should go to the
> previous question.

I agree. I can't remember if in the newt interface,
the first back click goes to the previous question,
and only after reaching the beginning of the section
it goes to the menu (for example, "configure network"
has more than one screen). Use of an extra menu
button, then? It must be coded first though in the gui

> > 3 - Added an info "i" icon, as well as put the
> intro
> > in a blue background.
> That was supposed to be a button?

No, it's a logo for signaling the help blue box, and
for actractiveness sake. I thought about it, and many
non-english languages may not recognize the "i" as
meaning "information", so I have to think if it is
really necessary, or how could a replacement icon be.

Thanks for commenting on them,


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