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Re: 4 mock-ups for graphical d-i for inspiration

On Thursday 20 October 2005 15:14, Eduardo Silva wrote:
> > > can be reached through the back button.
> >
> > Which is so nonintuative.  Back should go to the
> > previous question.
> I agree. I can't remember if in the newt interface,
> the first back click goes to the previous question,
> and only after reaching the beginning of the section
> it goes to the menu (for example, "configure network"
> has more than one screen). Use of an extra menu
> button, then? It must be coded first though in the gui
> frontend.

In most cases it goes back to previous dialogs within the same menu item, 
but to the main menu from the first screen of a menu item.
I think this is pretty logical behavior, especially as backup is only 
rarely used.

Anyway, this is completely outside the scope of graphical d-i development. 
In the graphical frontend, the back button should do exactly the same as 
in the newt frontend.

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