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Re: 4 mock-ups for graphical d-i for inspiration

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 06:14:53AM -0700, Eduardo Silva wrote:
> I'll rethink some of the things I did here (namely,
> the fake shadow on the window, etc.). And yes, I want
> to show something that needs no extra development, and
> use the regular widgets (except for the need to create
> a new theme). I tried maintaing the "wizard" look of
> the newt d-i interface, and this can be achieved with
> current widgets. I hope to make the next mockups in
> glade to show how feasible they are.

I really think buttons should look like buttons, that is something
sticking out in a way that makes it appear clickable.

> I agree. I can't remember if in the newt interface,
> the first back click goes to the previous question,
> and only after reaching the beginning of the section
> it goes to the menu (for example, "configure network"
> has more than one screen). Use of an extra menu
> button, then? It must be coded first though in the gui
> frontend.

There are many places in the existing newt interface where things are
inconsistent, or in some cases confusing and doesn't tell you what keys
do what.  Like does space select a checkbox, or does enter or maybe
enter goes to the next page.  If there are multiple values to fill in,
can you hit enter after entering a value or do you have to hit tab
instead?  When do cursor keys move up and down and when does only tab
work.  It is rather a big mess really.  Not sure how to fix it without
doing an awful lot of code and doing things that may be interface
specific, which d-i tries to avoid so that it can run with different
interfaces using the same messages and questions.

> No, it's a logo for signaling the help blue box, and
> for actractiveness sake. I thought about it, and many
> non-english languages may not recognize the "i" as
> meaning "information", so I have to think if it is
> really necessary, or how could a replacement icon be.

Perhaps a question mark.  Or a small confused looking face. :)

On the other hand I think there is an international symbol for

Len Sorensen

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