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Re: Bug#331391: Re: ftpmaster: Please remove 2.6.8 kernel images

I reviewed base-installer for use of kernel-image-2.6.* metapackages.
It's still used by amd64, arm, m68k, mips, and mipsel:

joey@dragon:~/src/d-i/packages/base-installer/kernel>grep kernel-image *
alpha.sh:       echo "kernel-image-$version-$SMP"
amd64.sh:                       echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-amd64-k8$SMP"
amd64.sh:                       echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-em64t-p4$SMP"
amd64.sh:                       echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-amd64-generic"
arm.sh:         echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_VERSION-$1"
i386.sh:                echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_VERSION-speakup"
i386.sh:                imgbase=kernel-image
m68k.sh:        echo "kernel-image-$version-$1"
mips.sh:        echo "kernel-image-$version-$1"
mipsel.sh:      echo "kernel-image-$version-$1"
powerpc.sh:             apus)   trykernel=kernel-image-$apusversion-apus ;;
powerpc.sh:                                     echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-$1$SMP"
s390.sh:        echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_ABI-s390"
sparc.sh:               imgbase=kernel-image

i386, alpha, s390, sparc, powerpc only use it for 2.4 kernels.

It's also used for hppa in the base-installer/kernel/image-2.6 template.

Removal of the packages will also make the following kernel udeb
packages FTBFS: m68k-2.6, sparc-2.6.

see shy jo

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