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Bug#333770: install report

On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 06:41:16PM +0200, Klaus Pieper wrote:
> I installed on a new Asus A8V deluxe equipped with a Promise Sata Controller that I configured as seconde IDE controller. 
> I have a third hd on that controller that was not detected by the kernels on the old system nor the amd64 install cd (though the kernel modules were loaded), and I wanted to use my old debian sarge system.

I have the same board, and the promise controller is NOT supported by
2.6.8.  It is supported in 2.6.12 so you can either use the 2.6.12 based
installer that I maintain for sarge amd64, or you can install using the
via sata controller and upgrade the kernel and then use the promise

If you want to try that look here:

It is the actual board I used to develop my updated version of the
installer using a WD SATA drive on the promise controller.

I do not remember if I had to manually (from console 2) modprobe
sata_promise before detecting the disk.  With a number of new
controllers you have to (since I didn't update the discover data yet)

Len Sorensen

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