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Re: Bug#331391: Re: ftpmaster: Please remove 2.6.8 kernel images

On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 02:58:01PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> I reviewed base-installer for use of kernel-image-2.6.* metapackages.
> It's still used by amd64, arm, m68k, mips, and mipsel:
> joey@dragon:~/src/d-i/packages/base-installer/kernel>grep kernel-image *
> alpha.sh:       echo "kernel-image-$version-$SMP"
> amd64.sh:                       echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-amd64-k8$SMP"
> amd64.sh:                       echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-em64t-p4$SMP"
> amd64.sh:                       echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-amd64-generic"
> arm.sh:         echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_VERSION-$1"
> i386.sh:                echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_VERSION-speakup"
> i386.sh:                imgbase=kernel-image
> m68k.sh:        echo "kernel-image-$version-$1"
> mips.sh:        echo "kernel-image-$version-$1"
> mipsel.sh:      echo "kernel-image-$version-$1"
> powerpc.sh:             apus)   trykernel=kernel-image-$apusversion-apus ;;
> powerpc.sh:                                     echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_MAJOR-$1$SMP"

Apus is 2.4 only, so not affected, as you noted above, and as of 2.6.13 apus
will migrate to the common linux-2.6 package anyway.

> s390.sh:        echo "kernel-image-$KERNEL_ABI-s390"
> sparc.sh:               imgbase=kernel-image
> i386, alpha, s390, sparc, powerpc only use it for 2.4 kernels.

So, can be ignored for this purpose.
> It's also used for hppa in the base-installer/kernel/image-2.6 template.
> Removal of the packages will also make the following kernel udeb
> packages FTBFS: m68k-2.6, sparc-2.6.

Wrong, linux-2.6 provide kernel-image backward compatibility meta packages, so
there is absolutely nothing to worry here, and it would be quite nice if you
at least provided us with some semblant of credit for knowing what we do :)


Sven Luther

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