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Re: GTK frontend, fonts problem solved

> With new iso only Hebrew is still missing. Could you try tracing that?
> (Although Hebrew was not working with your 20050922 iso either.)

Don't know anything about fonts, but I tried to see what's available for

http://wiki.debian.org/?DebianHebrew suggested two debian packages
- culmus
- ttf-freefont

I "apt-get sources"-ed both but culmus creates too many files and I do not
know which ones are needed. ttf-freefont creates just a few font files
which I put in a tarball; unfortunately the mini.iso I created including
those did not work, so I suppose something else has to be configured
(the instructions contained in README.Debian were not really appliable to
the installer files).
Since it turns out that building ttf-freefont you also get an udeb, I
suppose these fonts are suitable with the needs of the installer.


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