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Re: stuck on preseed "file may be corrupted"

Matt Price wrote:
> I'm trying to make some customized disks that will simplify the
> install process for my students in a very basic computer class I teach
> (mostly immigrants, lots of language difficulties; simplified install
> vastly preferred).  I'm installing Ubuntu breezy and have posted on
> the Ubuntu lists (getting some helpful pointers from Colin in
> particular) but I'm hoping this is actually the appropriate forum for
> my problem, which is:
> I keep getting this "preconfiguration file failed to load; file may be
> corrupt" error during the install. This seems to happen no matter what
> I do; e.g. I've tried replacing my first efforts with
> debconf-get-selections > my.seed 
> also with the examples listed in both the debian and ubuntu manuals.
> When I look at the files during installation in console 2 they
> invariably look fine to me, so I don't think the problem has to do
> with my installation media. debconf-set-selections -c my.seed (run on
> the preseed files before making the iso; this is on a straight
> debian-sid system, my home computer) also identifies no errors.
> I'm not sure what else to do.  I've attached a copy of my preseed
> file, but in case it doesn't come through I put a copy of all the
> relevant stuff here:
> http://www.racesci.org/LearningExchangeCD/isolinux/isolinux.cfg
> http://www.racesci.org/LearningExchangeCD/preseed/learnexchange.seed

One problem with your file is that you use more than one character of
whitespace here:

d-i     debian-installer/kernel/image   string  linux-386
The extra whitespace is included in the preseeded value. This does not
explain the proble you described.

Your preseed file uses \ for line continuation. I do not know what
version of Ubuntu supports this feature, which I only implemented last
month, IIRC. This is the most likely problem.

If you have your preseed file inside the installer, you can do the
preseeding by hand with "debconf-set-selections file". If
debconf-set-selections fails without any useful message, it's a shell
script; you can add set -x to the top and use normal shell script
debugging techniques to figure out what's going on.

see shy jo

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