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Re: GTK frontend, fonts problem solved

Davide Viti wrote:
With new iso only Hebrew is still missing. Could you try tracing that?
(Although Hebrew was not working with your 20050922 iso either.)

Don't know anything about fonts, but I tried to see what's available for

http://wiki.debian.org/?DebianHebrew suggested two debian packages
- culmus
- ttf-freefont

I "apt-get sources"-ed both but culmus creates too many files and I do not
know which ones are needed. ttf-freefont creates just a few font files
which I put in a tarball; unfortunately the mini.iso I created including
those did not work, so I suppose something else has to be configured
(the instructions contained in README.Debian were not really appliable to
the installer files).
Since it turns out that building ttf-freefont you also get an udeb, I
suppose these fonts are suitable with the needs of the installer.


as you i don't know anything about fonts, so i think it would be better asking .deb mantainers of font packages we need if they can prepare udebs for us. It would be interesting building a new d-i_gtk_fonts.tgz from scratch using only ttf fonts (no type1) to check what the amount of required space would be (i fear it will result into an huge increase of size since ttf fonts are nicer but also bigger than type1 fonts).
We still need to solve the maximum coverage-minimum size problem.




i'm very pleased to see things are proceing at a fast pace :)

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