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Re: libgtk+2.0-directfb0-udeb_2.0.9.2-3_i386.udeb misses libpixbufloader-xyz.so

On Sunday 09 October 2005 12:32, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> This is strange, since when i build libgtk+-directfb from scratch
> (2.0.9 or 2.8.3 both) that dir and libpixbufloader-xyz.so are created
> automatically in the build tree.
> Anyway soft-linking to a proper "loaders" directory from my own libs
> build  solved the problem and the png image could be displayed
> correctly using libgtk+2.0-directfb0-udeb_2.0.9.2-3_i386.udeb.

They are not missing in the udeb; they are just not in the expected 
location. The udeb has them in /usr/lib instead.

I have added this same softlink in the root tarball for now as a 
workaround. I now also get the logo when I build the miniiso :-)
(New tarball uploaded to alioth.)

> Alastair, could you please investigate why that dir is missing? should
> it be provided by your udeb or by what else?

The alternative would probably be to modify the config file in the root 
tarball to point to /usr/lib instead.
However, I agree with you that it is probably cleaner to follow the normal 
tree structure used by gtk libs.

So, all that remains now is the missing fonts. Could that be a similar 
issue? Hope you can trace that too...


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