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Re: [D-I] [RANT] Some translations seem abandoned

> I really think you are overreacting here. This is not a major release and 
> we specificly announced that translations were not guaranteed to go in 
> anyway.

Well, a few weeks ago, I explicitely asked in -i18n for translators to
at least ACK my call for updates:

-some did and updated their files since then
-some did and said they don't have time to complete the translations
 (which is perfectly OK for me)

-but several completely ignored the request and just remained silent.

This is for these that I'm really worried. This release if the first
one for which I DO NOT send individual notices like I did before. Just
because this is becoming pretty unmanageable now.

For sure, all translators are aware that no string freeze was
scheduled...but I'm really deeply worried about those who didn't
answer at all, nor updated their files.

What if this release had been a major release? The result would have
been the same.....except that I couldn't have supported it and thus
been forced to send individual notices.

> > I pissed off all translators to SUBSCRIBE and READ debian-i18n to
> > avoid me to send them mails individually for getting translation
> > updates.
> That is a really strong statement (and I'm afraid it's not completely 
> clear to me what you intended to say here either).

See above. I'm now convinced that not all translators read -i18n (at
the minimum the [D-I] messages) so I currently have NO reliable way to
reach them all.

> The only ones that are really worrysome are the translations at 83% as 
> that shows they've received no update at all 

And there are a bunch of these, yes.

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