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Re: [D-I] [RANT] Some translations seem abandoned

(replying to d-boot as this is a project reaction, not a translation one)

On Friday 07 October 2005 07:36, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Folks, this really saddens me. I know that D-I strings are changed
> often but I repeatedly told you that a release is on its way and you
> should catch up as soon as possible, especially for those of you who
> didn't in the last week (all languages with more than 10 outdated
> strings).

I really think you are overreacting here. This is not a major release and 
we specificly announced that translations were not guaranteed to go in 

> I pissed off all translators to SUBSCRIBE and READ debian-i18n to
> avoid me to send them mails individually for getting translation
> updates.

That is a really strong statement (and I'm afraid it's not completely 
clear to me what you intended to say here either).

IMHO any translation that is still around 90% or higher is in fairly good 
shape at this stage of Etch.
I would suggest giving translators some slack, maybe they're working on 
other translations or interests. There must be loads of packages in 
unstable having po-debconf or upstream translations that were neglected 
because of D-I in the run-up to Sarge. Maybe translators are catching up 
with those?

Translators may prefer to wait until things stabilize again in D-I before 
making a large effort to catch up.

The only ones that are really worrysome are the translations at 83% as 
that shows they've received no update at all 

Suggest we put something about translations possibly being partial in the 
release announcement.

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