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Option to disable security.debian.org on install

Hello everyone,

I was reinstalling a system with Sarge tonight, and ran into the
horrible experience of waiting for security.debian.org at less than
4kB/sec.  I had hoped for a while that the speed might pick up, but
eventually had to kill it, since the installation would've taken well
over four hours.

In the old woody installer, I had to explicity enable the security
patches from security.debian.org.  Would it be possible to get this
option back?  It's pretty brutal when the server is being so slow...

Perhaps a better option would be to install the security packages only
after the first installation has completed?  That way, at the very
least, I'd have a usable system while waiting for the updates.

Ross Vandegrift

PS - please CC me on the replies as I do not subscribe.

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