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Bug#331677: cdebconf-priority: Does nothing if d-i started at non-default prio

Package: cdebconf-priority
Version: 0.87
Tags: patch

If I start d-i with 'install debconf/priority=medium' and try to change 
the priority from the menu later, nothing happens. Reason is that the 
seen flag is set because of the boot parameter processing.
The patch below fixes this.

Index: debian/cdebconf-priority.postinst
--- debian/cdebconf-priority.postinst   (revision 31153)
+++ debian/cdebconf-priority.postinst   (working copy)
@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@

 # Critical, as we always want the question to be asked. It's kind of
 # pointless to run cdebconf-priority if you DON'T want to answer the
-# question.
+# question. Unset the seen flag for the same reason.
+db_fset debconf/priority seen false
 db_input critical debconf/priority || true

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