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Re: Preseeing w/o asking a question

Paul Millar wrote:
> >   http://www.debian.org/releases/sarge/example-preseed.txt
> Ta!
> IIRC, this didn't work pre-sarge release (due to shadow's debian/config 
> resetting the values), but thankfully that's been fixed now.

Everything in that file works with sarge.

> It was a single line, but a big(ish) one (77 characters, iirc).  I've reduced 
> its size (52 characters, now) and it seems to be working.  Is there some 
> limit to the size of a string?

It's possible to run into some limits once the string is 20000 character
long or so (ARG_MAX), but it's more likely that your first command
exited nonzero and your truncated one succeeds.

see shy jo

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